Quality & Documentation

We care for

  • All activities and checks are recorded in protocols.
  • Processes are managed on the basis of risk analyses and the recording of anomalies.
  • GDP validated sourcing processes are supported by available documentation:
    • Certificates of Analysis (CofAs)
    • Batch Release Certificates (BRCs)
    • Pedigree statements
    • MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
    • Pil (Patient Information Leaflet)
    • SPC (Summary of Product Characteristics)
  • A network of audited suppliers.
  • Stringent storage and transport standard.
  • Support from a strong quality and regulatory team.



We value the whole team which comprises the supplier, the logistics, our internal organization and the client to work in the best possible collaboration.

Passionate commitment

We value our passionate commitment to finish every project with the optimal solution. Without losing the quality and important interests from the whole team involved.


We value the confidence given to us by our clients and suppliers. And we repay this to work in a transparent and responsible way.

Innovative results

Trough teamwork, passionate commitment and the confidence we have in the total corporation, we can improve and further develop to have the best possible innovative results.