Strategic sourcing partner in the open EU market.

CSS Pharma has build up relationships with Key wholesalers in most EU countries.

Strategic partners because they have

  • Direct contact with Manufacturers in the country of origin.
  • Knowledge about the requirements for clinical trial supply.
  • The market intelligence in the country of origin.
  • Knowledge about what information is needed to quote a request.
  • The quality standard required for Clinical supply.
  • Proven to keep their agreements on key aspects
  • Time, quantity, batch details lead time and documentation
This network makes CSS Pharma an EU strategic sourcing partner.

8 years’ of experience with understanding the complexity of clinical trials requirements.

Essential elements:

  • Quality
  • Time
  • Accuracy
  • Knowledge
  • Confidence
  • Competitive quotes
  • Certifications
  • Communication
  • Agreements
  • Handling of goods

A vast network of important wholesalers in EU with single point of contact.

  • With one request you will have feedback and market intelligence from several EU countries
  • You will not have to contact 5 suppliers on a big project but only one single point of contact.

A tailor-made optimal solution on your request.

  • We will provide you with all required information build up in 8 years’ experience to make sure you will have the optimal solution for your trial.
  • Please see our services for the overview of this tailor-made quote.



We value the whole team which comprises the supplier, the logistics, our internal organization and the client to work in the best possible collaboration.

Passionate commitment

We value our passionate commitment to finish every project with the optimal solution. Without losing the quality and important interests from the whole team involved.


We value the confidence given to us by our clients and suppliers. And we repay this to work in a transparent and responsible way.

Innovative results

Trough teamwork, passionate commitment and the confidence we have in the total corporation, we can improve and further develop to have the best possible innovative results.